SITS 17, a retrospective….

Last week, we exhibited at the Service Desk and IT Support show (SITS17).  Syniad IT stood out in a room full of software vendors as our offering is based more around advice and professional services than the sale of software solutions and licenses.

Our business model is more volatile than the software vendors and is built more upon trust and relationships than the capability of a toolset.  We were struck by the vast number of attendees all on the lookout for a new Service Management tool and also by the vast number of exhibitors each showing their wares on elaborate and glossy stands. 

Our white paper, “10 ITSM Tool Selection Tips” proved hugely popular and we chatted at length with lots of attendees who were hunting for a solution to their IT problems.

In one conversation with a senior IT manager, I used my favourite phrase, “A fool with a tool is still a fool”.  He nodded sagely, responding, “there’s truth in those words.  I can’t believe how much money we’ve spent as an organisation on tools that are either not fully exploited, or in some cases, not used”.  We quickly brought the conversation round to his intention to move to the ServiceNow platform, and he was particularly interested in our “Are you maximising your ServiceNow investment?” white paper.

So many customers acquire this fabulous enterprise service management tool, but fail to exploit all of its capabilities, only to subsequently encounter disillusionment over rising costs and anticipated benefits which have not been realised. These can all be resolved with a long-term application development road map which spans the whole business, not only IT.

On the Wednesday evening of the SITS event, I attended the itSMF’s new-look awards dinner, the Professional Service Management Awards (PSMA) at the Landmark Hotel.  It was a phenomenal evening, hosted excellently by the Rev. Richard Coles (of Communards fame), and made all the better by the SIAM Foundation Architect Group, of which I was a part, winning the Thought Leadership Award for the SIAM Body of Knowledge publication.  I’m really proud of the work we produced here, but none of it would have been possible without the amazing facilitation skills of Claire Agutter from Scopism.  If you haven’t yet read the SIAM Body of Knowledge, you can do so, for free, by downloading a copy from the Scopism website. 

After a very late night at the PSMA awards dinner celebrating our success, I was up early the next day to set up the stand and prepare for my speaking slot at 9:30am.  My head was a little sore after the previous night’s celebrations, but my talk, “11 Actions to make your SIAM programme successful” seemed to go down very well.  There was certainly lots of interest at the stand after the talk, and we have a number of potential clients to speak to about our practical experience of SIAM implementation.

The SITS event was brilliantly organised once again, and was a huge success for Syniad IT.  I think there is still a misconception in the industry that we’re a one-man-band organisation, mainly because I’m the most vocal!  It was excellent to get John Moore and Lou McCarthy, two of our Principal Consultants on-hand to share our practical experience with potential clients and of course to demonstrate our depth in terms of numbers and capability.

As the show drew to a close on the Thursday afternoon, I was exhausted.  However, the sofa on our stand came into good use, as my good friend Daniel Breston, weary from two days at SITS and two days at DOES (the Dev-Ops conference which ran earlier that week) decided to drop by for forty-winks! 

As I said, our business model is built upon offering fantastic service, expert advice and vast experience.  I believe Daniel was one of many satisfied customers to leave our stand!