SIAM key questions

Key questions to ask yourself at the start of your SIAM programme….

I’m just pulling together a SIAM programme initiation deck for a client, and I pulled together the attached list of questions that the client’s programme team need to ask themselves.

  • What are the key issues that we are trying to resolve by adopting a SIAM based approach?
  • Are we looking to achieve transformational change in IT?
  • What are we comfortable outsourcing and what needs to be retained?
  • Do we accept that our IT operating model may need to change?
  • What will our process models look like in terms of roles and responsibilities?
  • Who will own and operate the ITSM tools?
  • Will we operate SIAM in-house, or as one of our Service Towers?
  • Are we already operating in a SIAM model, but we just don’t call it SIAM!?

From my experience, if we could do the following things with these questions, life would be so much simpler…

  • asking these at the start of the programme
  • seeking answers
  • gaining consensus from all stakeholders
  • documenting the answers in a programme charter that forms the basis of the project initiation documentation

I’ll expand further on these points in a future blog, so keep checking back for future updates! Also, read our blog 11 Actions to make your SIAM programme successfulWhat are ITSM and SIAM?