Service Integration

itSMF SIAM SIG – Too many acronyms but a great day!

Yesterday, I chaired the inaugural itSMF SIAM SIG – not some strange code-breakers seminar as the long acronym might suggest, but the first IT Service Management Forum (itSMF), Service Integration & Management (SIAM), Special Interest Group (SIG)!

I’ve chaired the Service Level Management Special Interest Group in the past for the itSMF, and as SIAM is now my passion, I decided to get a SIG off the ground.  Its aim is:

  • To agree on a definition of Service Integration and Management (SIAM), recognising the various forms in which SIAM appears today, which is recognised by the industry as encompassing what SIAM is about.
  • To agree a common language and definitions of common terms  for SIAM
  • To outline the variations of the various SIAM models, and comment on the suitability, benefits and disadvantages of each.
  • To describe the implementation approaches relating to SIAM
  • To agree upon a set of common challenges  in a SIAM environment, and publish content pertaining to these
  • Run a series of events for itSMF UK members to share knowledge and obtain feedback
  • To ultimately collate the content produced into an industry recognised SIAM framework, publishing this content as an itSMF UK publication

The SIG consists of representatives from the Service Provider community, as well as those who represent the retained IT organisations in the “Customer” world.

We had a great day at the inaugural event, which was hosted by HP at their offices in London.

The day started with an overview of the HP view of SIAM, and we soon progressed into some lively debate about “What is SIAM“, using a paper that will shortly be published by the itSMF that I wrote as a discussion document to get the conversation started.

We also spent some valuable time discussing potential working groups within the SIG. The aim of the working groups is to produce some content in a series of Agile-like “sprints”. Our Working Groups are:

    • 1. Processes, (What’s in and What’s out of SIAM, what’s the demarcation between Service Providers and Retained)?
    • 2. Business Case
    • 3. Tooling (including Data Model)
    • 4. People, Cultural change, behavioural

We’re aiming to have fortnightly teleconferences, supported by bi-monthly face-to-face meetings. I’m really excited that as a collective group, encompassing both Customers and Service Providers, we can really start to define some principles around SIAM, its issues and challenges, and the benefits that it can bring.

If you would like to get involved, then please head over to the Contact Us area of the website and get in touch.