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Development of a new IT engagement model

Client challenge

Capacitas, a consulting firm specialising exclusively in reducing cost and risk in business-critical IT systems required assistance with developing a new engagement model due to unprecedented business growth.

How we helped

Capacitas’ CEO, Andy Bolton, said: “Syniad IT helped us to develop an end-to-end engagement process for our growing business. This has enabled us to adopt a more consistent, process-driven approach to the delivery of our work which is critical to support Capacitas’ growth and drive customer satisfaction. Syniad IT undertook an initial requirements gathering exercise whilst working collaboratively with the Capacitas team, involving key stakeholders in the development of content. Where necessary, they developed content independently and tailored this to our business with our input”.

  • Design, build and optimise

We designed a high level operating model for the client’s sales process, detailing the process steps and the roles involved in the delivery of them.

  • Solution implementation

Syniad IT also developed and delivered innovative communication and training sessions which helped to embed the new engagement model into our client’s ways of working.

The outcome

  • Maintain, update and adapt

“The adoption of a more consistent approach is already delivering business value, in terms of consistency, planning and revenue forecasting. We look forward to working once again with Syniad IT to solve further business challenges”.

Syniad IT have subsequently been engaged to review the engagement and process model for the application development area within Capacitas.

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