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Client Challenge

Our client was in the process of delivering a number of critical digital transformation programmes.  In order to assure the delivery of these programmes into production, they required a robust set of operational readiness criteria, underpinned by effective transition management processes and governance.

How we helped

Our engagement was structured into a number of distinct activities:

  • Creation of a set of operational readiness criteria, derived from template which we have successfully deployed elsewhere. These criteria were aligned to each of the IT Service Management ITIL processes, with content developed over many similar engagements.
  • Creation of a process model which aligned with the project delivery methodology. This enabled project managers to understand the points at which they needed to engage with the live support teams during the project lifecycle.
  • Creation of an underpinning governance model which provided project managers with a set of transition milestones at which progress was checked. An escalation process was also developed which enabled project managers and live support teams to handle exceptions
  • Development and delivery of training to affected process owners and project managers.


The transition management process, governance model and criteria were initially trialled on a small number of projects.  Having been deemed successful, they are now being used across all relevant projects.

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