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Client Challenge

Our client was a leading insurance company. They had a well established IT team which was focussed upon delivering services to their internal customers.  However, as the business pursued a new strategy, fuelled by the desire to help their clients achieve digital transformation, the technology teams were asked to support IT services which were being provided to external customers.

How we helped

The challenge of moving to an external IT service provision model touches every component of the IT operating model.  We worked with the organisation’s leadership team to establish a new IT operating model design. This focussed upon the need to better manage the relationship with external customers, whilst also exploiting automation and process improvement opportunities.

We designed a new IT operating model, which included a new organisation design, tooling model, governance model and process design.  The operating model was founded on the principle of a traditional demand and supply model, where the IT teams collated and prioritised all demand, be it small change, projects, large programmes or internally focussed technology change.  Every demand item was categorised and evaluated to ensure that it followed an appropriate path through design, build and implementation.  Throughout the process, we ensured that there was an appropriate level of architectural assurance and underpinning to governance to deal with any issues which would occur during the rapid development of new customer-facing products and services.


Through a series of leadership and staff briefings, we sought consensus and support to the new IT operating model design.  As each new stakeholder group was briefed and onboarded, we established support and momentum to move to the implementation phase.

“Syniad IT worked with the leadership team to design and implement a new IT operating model, which enabled us to focus on delivering outstanding customer service, whilst also exploiting automation and process improvement opportunities”. Dominic Suri COO CT InsureTech

We have subsequently been retained by the client to undertake the implementation phase.

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