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Improve delivery of desktop services

Client Challenge

Our client, a global law firm wanted to improve the delivery of desktop services through the provision of a new Operating Model, for the delivery and support of desktop across a global estate.

How we helped

  • Baseline assessment

We deployed our assessment approach, which through a series of interviews with key stakeholders established some common themes and developed areas for improvement. Using data from the Service Management tool, we developed and tested improvement ideas relating to the support organisation. We created a prioritised series of improvements and devised an improvement road map, which was passed to the IT management team to execute. The improvement plan included changes to the support model, tooling improvements and sourcing options, which were collectively illustrated in a target operating model.


The client was able to see the future state model and the steps they needed to take to reach the desired state, with a greater degree of clarity. We provided insight into issues of which the client was not aware, whilst developing innovative solutions for improvement.

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