A great SIAM tooling strategy

What makes a great SIAM tooling strategy?

I’ve just been hosting a BrightTALK Webinar called “Tooling in a SIAM Ecosystem – Why you really need a SIAM Tooling Strategy”. We talked about the following essential considerations:

  • SIAM operating model
  • 6 main tooling requirements
  • pain points
  • risks and benefits
  • basic tooling strategy

I‘ve also written a much more detailed article that expands on each of these areas and explains how to develop a successful SIAM tooling solution for your business.

The widespread adoption of new SMAC (social, mobile, analytics & cloud) technologies and particularly cloud are changing the required people skills, processes and tools that IT needs to provide the wider business with the right services. As Gartner analysts observed in their paper “Hybrid IT: Delivering IT as a Provider and a Trusted Broker” (20th June 2013)

“Cloud computing is taking multi-sourcing to a new, more dynamic level, changing the mission and operational model for IT and I&O in particular. Being a competitive IT provider isn’t good enough — the new core competency is being the trusted broker for services delivered from many, changing providers”

For IT this means finding a way to work consistently and effectively with many different 3rd party providers, with different skills sets, complex SLA’s, policies, procedures and ideas. When we turn to the SIAM model as a solution to these challenges, the SIAM Toolset is key to achieving success.

In the article I will explain in detail how the Tooling Strategy underpins a successful SIAM implementation, bringing together processes, governance and people to deliver an effective multi-vendor delivery model.

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