Service Integration

BrightTalk webinar – Is SIAM delivering on its promises?

We recently chaired a BrightTalk webinar on SIAM, along with James Finister from TCS, Daniel Breston from Ranger 4, and Julian White from Royal Mail Group.

During the event, we looked at the various SIAM sourcing models, and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of each. Interestingly, we discussed how SIAM Service Providers are commonly being asked to Build, Operate and then Return the SIAM function to be run as a retained capability.

We discussed how SIAM is much more than just an extension of ITIL / ITSM processes. It is a cultural and behavioural change programme in which an entire Service Provider ecosystem works together to deliver business outcomes.

We also sought input on how SIAM integrates with existing practices, like ITIL, DevOps and LEAN.

Our panellists each gave their tips from success, which were:

  • Getting effective tooling in place to deliver business focused reporting
  • Getting appropriate cultural and behavioural change to enable a truly collaborative environment
  • Looking at SIAM only once you’ve understood how you will use IT to meet the business outcomes
  • Ensuring that you have a sound grasp of contractual and commercial principles in order to run the SIAM ecosystem effectively

The webinar is available to listen again here.